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Treat employees:

1. The company provides a platform for staff development, reflecting the people-oriented concept. The company is our company, is a social company.

2. Accommodation is the purchase or rental of commercial residential buildings with property rights, property rights and security.

3. Employees have welfare benefits such as social security, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and commercial insurance.

4. Pay overtime according to the Labor Law and receive a generous bonus at the end of the year.

5. Travel, frequent gatherings, barbecues, etc. enhance the feelings between employees and enterprises.

6. Welcome domestic college graduates to our company to develop and provide him with a broad platform.

Thought article:

1. Work wholeheartedly for the company and devote wholeheartedly to the work. There is a cost concept everywhere.

2. The quality of products should be 100% qualified. Shortest delivery date. Make customers satisfied.

3. Respect knowledge and talent. Only if you work hard, with your intelligence, the road to success is not very far.

4. Focus on quality, advanced development program team, service and high precision. It is Li Kui's eternal goal and requirement.

Social responsibility:

Li Kui Science and Technology is a highly responsible civil enterprise. It pays taxes according to the national law and buys various social security welfare insurance for its employees. Settlement of 100% payment to suppliers. To provide customers with the best quality and best price products to customers, only to be responsible for all, can we become bigger and stronger.


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